Couch to 5K

Edinburgh weekend done!

I am shattered!

Yesterday was brilliant, I did the 5.5 mile part of the relay. I was tired from the 10k Saturday but not as bad ad I thought I would be.

The atmosphere was unbelievable! There was support right along the course, I felt a bit of a fraud went they were cheering, I was only doing a small stint and the full marathon runners were approaching half way!

I finished in just over an hour but the best thing is that I ran it all! Every single step:) up till yesterday the longest I'd gone without walking is 30 mins

Fab weekend x :)

3 Replies

You're amazing! What a fantastic weekend :)


Inspirational! I aspire to do a 10k - but doubt that I will ever be able to follow it up with another race the next day!


Wow!!! Welldone :) Glad you were able to run it all!


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