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schedule is shot

So I've been running monday, wednesday and Friday since I started more or less, weekends are no go's as I have noone to watch the littley and this way I get the rest days in easily. Last week i had to skip Wednesday as I was ill. Got out on Thursday though, week 4 run 1. Was ok. The 5 minutes were not as difficult as I expected....that seriously is my most repeated phrase about this program! It's hard, but not as hard as you imagine. So far anyway! But my schedule is wrecked now. Went out last Thursday, had to rest on Friday, saturday i didn't have littley but i did have an exam slap bang in the middle of the afternoon and whatnot, so no go there either. Nothing today either as no childcare and tomorrow I probably could squeeze a run in but I have some hardcore cramming to do for an exam on tuesday so that's not going to happen, and tuesday won't happen cos of the exam/middle of day issue again. So I guess I'll have to pick up week 4 on Wed, which will be almost a whole week off. Not happy about that really, didn't really want to get so out of the loop. Will see how tomorrow pans out, maybe I can squeeze it somewhere!

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Don't worry! It's obvious that you can't do everything this week and cramming is a priority. I have had to have weeks off because of illness and picking it up isn't as difficult as you think it will be. Good luck with the exams.


Don't beat yourself up, we all have to take time off the running, just think of it as a glitch. I have been really really slack these last two weeks , hardly any running at all and I've been really lazy. I'm getting back on it today though, tough as it may be I've gotta do something ;) You aren't alone . Little ones take up a lot of your time and sometimes the running is a way of having a bit of you time, Don't lose hope, you'll get back out there! :)


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