Couch to 5K

Week 3 done!! (And isn't this weather just amazing!)

Whoop whoop! 1 run longer than expected (had to miss a run due to a stomach bug/general illness) but I've completed week 3! Its been hard in this weather, getting tired quicker, but feel so much better for doing it!

My breathing is definetly getting easier, my legs however are suffering, but that's due to my ancient trainers! It's my birthday in a couple of weeks though and hopefully getting some new ones.

Not been on here much this week with the gorgeous weather and not being well, but hope everyone else is progressing well :-)

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I'm due to start week 3 next week! I struggled doing 90 seconds today so now not looking forward to 3 mins. Glad you're feeling better.


Hi Mumtum, I was worried at first about the 3 minutes, but I found it went really fast, and before I knew it Laura was telling me that I'd done two minutes! Starting to understand the difference between actually being tired and my mind just telling me am. Good luck :-)


Thanks and good luck for Week 4 x


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