Couch to 5K

Walking in the lake district

so this lovely warm day my family and I went hill walking in the lake district (grasmere) Nothing too hard or major hiking but quite steep. I noticed how the C25K program has made me much fitter. I barely complained and lat year I woudbt of been able to do that let alone in the sun! Feeling good. Going to try again tomorrow evening when it's cool. :)

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Cool, it has an all round impact on your life doesn't it. I find I have more energy in everything I do. Enjoy the lakes.


Say hi to the lakes from me, I miss them.......

I haven't been for a long time and used to go hiking there quite regularly.


I actually saw some people hill running, you gotta be good to do that! The lakes are wonderful and it feels good ontop of the mountain! :)


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