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Goodbye Week 5

Decided to tackle the dreaded 20 minute run of week 5 this evening once the temperature had dropped a bit, I have got this into my head that this would the turning point in the plan so was a bit concerned as it is a big jump from the previous podcast.

So after giving myself a bit of a stern talking to during the warm up walk, off I went. From the previous run I knew where I would be at the 8 minute mark and from there on the adventure began, struggled through the next few minutes and the next thing I here is Laura telling me five minutes to go, no way I was stopping now and (what seemed a long 5 minutes later) done. Obligatory, if somewhat breathless, wahoo and it is goodbye W5.

This is the first time I have paid any attention to the MapMyRun stats and was even more surprised to have covered just over 3 ¼ km at a 9 km/h pace. While I am not overly concerned about pace at the moment my goal is to do the 5k in 30 mins so that is looking positive as well.

Seen quite a few people complete W5R3 on here over the last few days and great to see everyone else completing it as it really helps to know it is possible (rapidly beginning to think so much of this running lark is mental rather than physical).

Happy running everyone!

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Well done, you seemed to breeze through. I'm sure you will go far .....


Very well done, its a great feeling


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