Running on a beach - what shoes? Any tips?

We've just booked our summer holiday and there is a lovely 2.5K beach which I'm hoping to run along for my distance run.

Does anyone here run along a beach and if so should I run with my usual trainers on? Are there any suggestions for beach running? I have the Race for Life a week after I get home so want to keep up with my training plan :)


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16 Replies

  • Oh it has to be bare foot just along the surf line :-)

  • Yes that's what I was thinking too :)

    But am a bit worried about injuring myself if I ran barefoot as I'd be running in a different way?

  • Barefoot running is the natural way our bodies our designed to run, I wouldn't be overly concerned about injury.

    What you will find though is that you might tire quicker running on sand. Your tendons might get more of a work out that usual also suporting you on an unsteady surface, so don't over do it and you'll be find :)

  • Thanks I'm going to give barefoot running a try :)

  • I think its more of an issue running bear foot style on hard surfaces until you ate used to. Running on sand will be more forgiving but more tiring.

    I am assuming it is a sandy beach! Bare foot on barnacles and muscles might be a different story 8-0

  • Yes it's a sandy beach, but ooh I'd not thought about crabs etc!!

  • I run in the surf line on a 10K beach (never got anywhere near the end) in Cape Verde Islands (Boa Vista) Its darn hard work. You have to be aware that when your foot lands the sand may well give way unlike a firm surface, so watch your ankles. I've seen many runners though that wear trainers so perhaps if you have an old pair they would protect your feet and give you support if youv'e never done it before. It will also help to do some leg stretches after your run.

    Have a lovely holiday.

  • Thanks Oldgirl :)

  • I've only run along a beach a few times and always think of the Chariots of Fire opening scene! It's a great thing to do.

    This might sound a bit weird but it might be worth trying sometime.... when you're on a beach with a wide open space in front of you and no obstacles.... close your eyes and run! You might ask "why?".... I think it really helps to become really in tune with your body, and to feel the way your legs move you forward and your feet land. It's a great way of improving your running form.

    Sounds weird but why not give it a go?

  • That sounds like an amazing thing to do. All I need is a wide open empty beach, though I would probably still find something to run into

  • I liked the sound of that too, I'll give it a go when I find the right spot.

  • That sounds really good I'll give it a try. Probably with the Chariots of Fire theme running through my head :)

  • Ooh liking the beach running barefoot idea :)

  • Me too! :)

  • My mum says you cab get in decathlon little slip on shoes for walking in rivers and streams if you have sensitive sole or to prevent cuts. I don't know much about this my mum just said she used them on holiday! Enjoy your beach runs :D

  • Thanks I'll have a look in decathlon :)

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