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Can't believe it I am looking forward to week 4 on Sunday

After failing in week 3 twice before not just because of running 3 minutes !st for knee pain 2nd coincided with holiday and I did try but it was too hot.

Today was my 3rd run and this week has been a huge learning curve, I finished run 1 nearly dead and vowing to never get on a treadmill again. But the support I got here was great encouraging me to run slower. Second run felt as if I was shuffling but I completed it. Today my technique and breathing were much better and to prove I am worthy of moving on to week 4 my last run I did for 5 minutes and it felt ok.

This is from the almost 60 year old who once tried to run for 15 seconds but nearly collapsed. My run may only be a tiny bit faster than my walk and I could walk at that speed if I tried but I am so pleased I stuck with it. I have looked at week 4 and hopefully it will go ok.

Thanks again

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Good job, they say, no matter what pace, you're still lapping the guy on the couch....that from a 64 year old (former) marathoner who just finished W4R1 this morning


Yeh I'm the other side of 60 too and just because you've passed that age doesn't mean you have to stop being active. In fact if you are lucky to be retired as I am you can't use lack of time as an excuse.

Good luck with the programme.


Thanks I feal great atm but I know there are some challenging times ahead too. Yes I am retired so I run when it feels right for me.

How did you find going through the programme as I see you have graduated oldgirl.

Grammadog I am full od admiration for anybody who has ever run a marathon.


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