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Pride before a fall... or something along those lines

I missed my run on Monday and I decided, as my homeschooled child is away for a couple of days, to change from treadmill running to road running.

So yesterday, off I went for the week 4 r 2 I dropped the other kids off at school and went for a run along the river Thames. Back BC (before children) I used to run regularly and was always inspired by the river. Yesterdays run was truly amazing! A bit hard going on the first half as the wind was against me but I completed it with no problem and feeling totally euphoric. I had found W4R1 a challenge on the treadmill. The fact I'd probably upset a few locals with the view of my generously proportioned derriere in leggings didn't faze me at all and I must have looked like a crazed woman beaming from ear to ear and punching the air in glee when Laura informed me 'that's it'!

Anyhow, stupid me decided to catch up on my lost day by running today. Ok so my thighs were a bit sore after the change from treadmill to road but the elation of yesterday success was clouding my judgement so this morning I again pulled on the leggings and dropped the kids of at school but due to a number of factors I decided to run through a local park. Stupid mistake. Every step was a different angle, loads of quite steep ramps that I had forgotten were there and the paths that didn't lead through seriously dense overgrowth were not really long enough for the W4R3 program. I ended up missing out the last 5 minute run because my hips decided to join my thighs in screaming obscenities at me.

I just want to cry. I've been to stupid. I've messed up and it's my own damn fault. Now I have to figure out whether (after a days rest) I do the last week 4 run again or I move on to week 5. but, if there's anything to take way from this stupidest of mistakes, it's the knowledge that I wont be doing it again. Live and learn and all that :)

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What an awesome run you had w4r2! You are to be commended for taking the bull by the horns and running outside. As to your 'failed' run... theres no such thing... you ran... and learned quite a bit about running and your body in the process. Its how you use what you learned that makes it a success or failure... again, well done!


Mair99 is right.

This program teaches you how to run for 30 minutes, and you learnt something today.

If I was you, I would have a couple of days rest then do week4 run 3 again. Outside.

Along the lovely river.

And enjoy your progress so far! :) :)


Thank you both so much. I think I completely missed the point that this a mental journey as much, if not more so then a physical one.

I'm glad I found this forum. I'd still be kicking myself otherwise :)


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