Couch to 5K

W2 R1

I moved on to week 2 yesterday and did run 1. Physically I felt better than my last run, I think because it was a bit cooler. Still doing OK with getting through the programme, though I expect that to change at any moment! The recovery times for this week feel long to me, I was down to normal and ready to go before it wanted me to.

At one point I got distracted and ran longer than I should have, so it's good to know that another 40 seconds doesn't kill me! (I don't listen to the podcasts that everyone else does, I have very low tolerance levels when it comes to music!)

Weirdness - my right knee clicked when I walked. It didn't hurt, and still isn't hurting at all, and is no longer clicking.

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You're exactly where I am in the program :) I did w2 r1 yesterday and recovered much quicker than week one, although my legs were feeling it more this time around! :)

And strange enough my right knee clicks too although it hasn't stopped altogether, it still clicks randomly somtimes.....would be nice to know what/why it does it?

Keep up the good work future runner ;)


Hooray, we're program buddies! :)

You keep it up too!


Well done you I'm also on W2R1 I went at 0600 this morning because of work - it wasn't easy but I DID IT- again well done you keep going


Woah, 6am running!?!?! Not for me! :-p

WELL DONE on you for doing that! :)


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