Couch to 5K

W8R1.....told another runner I hated them, then had to apolgise!

It was all in jest but when he lapped me at a sprint the secod time I couldnt help myself. Thankfully he laughed and when he passed me a third time I did say sorry!

I'm putting it down ott he sudden burst of sunshine! (That and the fact that i'm still slow, slow slow - managing 30mins but still only covering just over 2miles)

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Thats quite funny!! At least he was ok with it, I'm sure he realised you're just jealous. Keep it up though, you're much further ahead than me (W3) so what you're achieving looks really impressive from here!:)


That made me laugh - thanks for sharing that ! :-)

You're doing fine though, don't worry about your speed - the other runner probably remembers running at your current speed and wondering if he'd ever be able to overtake anyone....


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