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W2R2 went well. I felt really comfortable with the running sections, and didn't feel as though I was huffing and puffing all the way around today.

But when I returned to the walking sections I felt as though I was walking with flippers on :-/ My legs (well, shins) felt really tight through all the walking sections, but felt fine as I ran?!?! I even did a flatter route than last time too :-(

I think a trip to Sweatshop for gait analysis is in order at the weekend....

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Yes, I find that too, lots of stretching after the run. I forgot today and I can feel it in my shins.

Good to have the correct trainers, I may treat myself at some point.


I had gait analysis ysterday cos after only wk1 r1 my shins hurt and so did my knees thanks to my battered reeboks. So I went for it, did it, and got some asics gel running shoes for 65 quid. My god, what a difference for wk 2 r2 this morning! Didnt know I had feet! So worth it and even i ummed and ahhed cos of the cost but Im so glad i have


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