Couch to 5K

Completed Week 6 Run 1 today,

And I was really lacking the usual motivation.

l would have rather stayed in bed, but I convinced myself to at least try and attempt it before work.

So with an enormous amount of effort I got ready and set off a bit later than I would usually in the mornings, I quickly got into the stride of the runs and I am so glad I that did, I would have been disappointed in myself had I not gone for that run. I love the amazing feeling I get after achieving each run, and It's crazy how much my legs can ache but yet still they push on and I'm pleased that my chest doesn't hurt as much now.

Maybe it's just me but I do find towards the end of the runs when Laura says there a minute or 2 minutes left that those last minutes seems to be the longest minutes of the programme.

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I ran this too tonight and like you was not looking forward to it. I think the 20 minute run exhausted me.

Anyway thought i would give it a go, and so glad i did. My knees hurt for longer than normal at the start but somehow found the energy to keep going.

And yes those last minutes do take forever, but they are so important, as wont feel so great without running them.

Good luck with your next run


Well done! It is a great achievement when you get up and out to do a run when you really really dont want to play! I remember the last few mins as really tough (and the first few mins)(and the middle mins). I used to (still do) count to 50 in my head to take my mind of it and help the time pass! Paula Radcliffe taught me that tip, you know! Ok, I actually read it in a book called Running Made Easy :-)


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