Graduated today...yay!

Got in from work and decided as I had had such a stressful weekend at work that although I fwlt tired I would go out and have a run to clear my head. It felt great, finally feel like a 'runner' Not sure how far I ran as myGPS decided not to pick me up this evening but will track on a website later to see if I made 5k, did feel that I ran a bit faster than I have done before and was glowing and sweating by the time I got home. Felt good and have relaxed after a challenging weekend, to cap it all off I have graduated so now need to look for another challenge!

4 Replies

  • Well done on graduating! There is nothing like a good run to de-stress :)

  • Well done you!

  • Well Done!

  • Well done! It's great isn't it?

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