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Having a week off is bad :-(

Well I had over a week off after W7R2 because of various factors but mainly a very hectic week. Anyway I told myself I was going to go today and finish week 7 but man my motivation was lacking. I kept telling myself I could just wait until tomorrow..Do other people get like this?! Anyway, after an hour of trying to motivate myself, I went out and it was an ok run (not as good as I had been doing) but I am just so glad I made myself go! Anyway, as I did struggle a little with the run after a week off, should I repeat week 7??

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we all have weeks like that when real life just gets in the way of getting out there BUT you've gone back out when you didn't want to so well done :). I think if you succeeded in the run give w8 a try and see how you go.

Good luck with what ever you decide (there is no right or wrong!)


You made it, that's the important bit.

I wouldn't repeat it


I agree, dont repeat just move onto the next week. For many of us all of it is a struggle!


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