Week 3, Day 1

I've just got back from doing Week 3, Run1 and I feel fab! This time last week, I was really struggling with Week 2, Run 1, and had to cut one of the 1min 30sec runs short to sit down as I had a stitch!

Now, I'm running all the 2 and 3 min runs without stopping, and after the first one, don't actually feel as though I'm going to die!

I was really apprehensive before today as, although last week got easier, and I increased my distance and pace on W2D3, I still felt puffed out after 90secs, so doubling the running time worried me. Also, I live in the middle of the Pennines, so even the flattest route I can find has an incline on the way there (and fortunately a decline on the way back). I thought I'd ease myself into the longer runs by decreasing the amount of incline as much as possible, so I walked for 10 mins rather than 5 at the beginning (just started the app 5 mins later than I should have done), so that I could run as much on the flat as possible. My first 2 min run and half of the first 3 min run was uphill and it nearly killed me, but as I could see it level out up ahead I was able to keep on going without stopping, and keep up a brisk walking pace when it was time to walk.

I turned round half way, and did exactly the same going back again (normally I do further on the way there, as I cover more distance/run faster going downhill than I do uphill - it's only a slight incline but I really feel it when I'm running up it), but figured as I'd walked so much further at the beginning, it shouldn't really matter. I found it much easier on the way back - I was still out of breath, but it was manageable rather than feeling like I was going to die.

At the end of the run I was a bit disappointed as I didn't really feel as though I'd pushed myself enough on the second half, so I decided to run during the 5 minute cool down, not to look at the clock but just to run and see how long I could do before I had to stop. One of my favourite songs came on (I use the app rather than Laura purely because I like to have my own playlist, but I know this will annoy me later on when I want to use a different app to measure distances and pace etc - wish there was some way to amalgamate the two) and I just powered through, running the whole 5 minutes. I was really surprised, but it's good to know that I can do it if I need to! It meant that I had to walk up and down my road for a few minutes to cool down (looking like a bit of an idiot haha), but I was starting to worry about next week so it's good to know that I can run for that long as long as it's not uphill!

I never, ever thought I'd be one to enjoy running, but I really do! I was never able to even run for the bus, turning into a sweaty, tomato-faced mess when I did, and now I'm seeing progress every time I go out, so it's really encouraging. I love this programme!

Just wish I lived somewhere flat...


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2 Replies

  • Thank god!!! I though its was just me that's struggling with week 2 and I was dreading week 3 but reading this I'm feelig more confident about it!....... I have one run left in week 2 which I cant see getting any easier but am now looking forward to week 3, thanks and well done x

  • well done to you :)

    You can mix the podcast with apps to measure speed/pace etc

    I used MiCoach with the c25k podcast at first then when I finished the programme I replaced c25k with either b210k or my own playlists, depending on which run I plan to do.

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