Couch to 5K

W1R2 done!

W1R2 just finished, must have run back faster than the first time as i arrived home just as the cool down was starting so i walked around my garden with my shoes off as for some reason they were rubbing my left foot this time, the grass was so cool on my feet. i feel energised to do my house work now, i think.

its so inspiring reading the posts on here, i was only going to do it now and again but after reading peoples stories on here i want to keep going. its hard, im about 6 stone overweight, have asthma and have been off work for about 8 months with depression, not that you need to hear my life story so dont know why im writing it but what i have read on here is inspiring me and maybe there is someone out there who has similar issues to me and maybe they will try it and hopefully it can go some way to helping them. anyway must stop wittering on or i will never do the house work. but a big thank you to everyone who has written on here and helped encourage me to do another 'run'.

thank you xx

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I'm glad you're already finding the programme so helpful - I have depression too and it's been such a help. I've become more energised too and have found it much easier to get my work done during the day. The longer you do it for, the more benefits you'll get :)


I've read it only takes 5 minutes of exercising outside to improve your mood. I would agree. Keep it up - I've shed 4 stones in about 10 months through healthy eating, portion control and now C25K - and the fitness and confidence C25K can bring you is the best of all. Why not try a woodland walk to help your sense of wellbeing :


thank you sercreative and Tapira, i live in the countryside so lots of lovely walks etc right outside my front door, very lucky i know. if only it was that easy to solve all problems. Well done on the weightloss, im hoping doing this will help with my eating habits, i did notice today i was craving fresh fruit and more healthy foods not just eating rubbish to try and make me feel a bit better so something must be working


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