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Week Three Run One

Just did run one of week three - thought I'd have a shower and stuff my running clothes into the wash before sitting down to write this!

I was a bit apprehensive about today but I made it. When I did the first 3 minute run, it was a real struggle to make it to the end. By the time the second one came around, my legs felt like they'd seized up! I thought I'd try it anyway and luckily I made it through to the end without too much trouble.

I did the same route again but didn't go as far as usual. There were a few other runners out so I got a few smiles on the way - that really helps, especially when you feel like you want to go home!

On the second three minute run I was waiting for Laura to say something at the halfway point - when she eventually chimed in at two minutes I was quite relieved to say the least. I'm never sure how long it's been when I'm concentrating on my breathing.

I've had a few problems with stitches on the right side of my body while running. They're uncomfortable, but I try and breathe deeply and usually they stop. It helps to feel like I'm breathing straight into the tense group of muscles below my ribs - that's a yoga trick, and it's really come in handy.

I have to say, since starting the programme I've been a lot calmer on running days - it tends to make me feel quite mellow for the whole day, which is a nice feeling.

Yesterday, there was a 10k race through the centre of town and I was quite envious of all the runners going past. Perhaps I'll be able to enter next year...

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I'm just about to go out and do the same run, so I'm glad you've written this! I too am apprehensive, as doubling the length of the runs seems tough, but from what you've said it's hard but doable so thanks :)

I get stitches too, and find that deep breathing helps a bit - I might start using your yoga trick as that sounds really good!

Thanks :)


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