Couch to 5K

I did week 5 run 3!

Quite proud of myself today, on my usual hilly route, I actually did the 20 mins without stopping! I'm still a fat lardy 1st 8lb overweight, no weight shifted as yet, but that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! I had one tiny stop when I had to grab the dog from a passing cyclist, but apart from that, it was jog all the way! I'm inspired now to see just what I am capable of!

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Wow, well done to you i completed it on Saturday but along the seafront where it was flat. To be honest i'm avoiding the hills until i can run for 30 mins.


Wow that is amazing, I did up to week 8 run 1 on a treadmill (so self conscious at the time) and the rest of the programme on the flat! I still mostly run on canal paths cos they're nice and flat so well done you!

I am sure you will lose inches and weight as your runs get longer, as long as you arent over compensating on the food front.

Good luck.


Well done! That felt like a big one for me. Best of luck for week 6 :)


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