Gait analysis...and shoe budget?

Gait analysis...and shoe budget?

Well having only done Wk 1 Run 1 Im off to my local Up and RUnning shop to get gait analysis and invest in a proper pair of running shoes! I went today in my old reeboks...hmm...i screwed my left knee up on a cross-trainer a few years back and it took it 12 months to completely recover so Im going to make this investment! Just curious as to how much to budget...........


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  • It depends on how much to want to spend. I got my gait analysed and bought new trainers from Up and Running about a month ago and they were an eye watering £100!!

    I am doing a few 10k over the next few months and the Great North Run in Sept so I wanted some really good ones!

    I think my first pair were about £40

  • Interesting when I got it done in the shop here the guy refused to tell me how much each of the pairs were - he said that if I knew before I would be swayed into buying the cheaper ones - or the more expensive ones thinking that they were better. I spent much more on them than I wanted to - about £120 - but in the end of the day it was best to choose the ones that felt best rather than be solely guided by price. You might strike lucky and find a cheaper pair, though. And people sometimes get analysed for a pair, then see if they can find them cheaper online.

  • I paid £85 for my New Balance shoes - they were the most comfortable ones for me at the time and give the extra support my arches need. They've been worth every penny !

  • OK thats alright - I have got £100 but I was sort of hoping for the £70 mark cos I need a sports bra as well!! THanks for your replies I just didnt know how much! :)

  • Mine are also New Balance. Got them last year after gait analysis and they have been brilliant and I have just replaced them. They were £80 ish.

  • Mine go about 80 quid normally. Nike Structure Triax every time!

  • My nikes (neutral support) were £40, the shiny new Asics Gel ones for my over pronating foot are £100. I could get cheaper ones but they are so comfy I think I'll stick with those.

    I was told trainers need replacing every 500-700 miles, I can't see me hitting those figures for quite some time so I will get my wear out of them.

  • It's true running shoes do need replacing at 500+ miles, though I like to push it as far as I can! Nowadays I buy a replacement pair when I reach about 400+ miles and alternate the use - that way you can easily tell when the old ones are totally worn out simply by comparing the "feel" with the new ones.

    Having tried Asics (pretty good), Brooks (less good) I find Saucony are the brilliant for me and their Omni 10s cost about £85 and worth every penny.

    Also a couple of years ago I did a bit of research and found Saucony appear to have a better ethical approach to working conditions, employment rights, pollution etc. which might be worth considering along with your comfort etc.

    Hope that helps?

  • Well new balance shoes are made up here in Cumbria. I would have thought Flimby counts as Fair Trade...

  • Ah that's interesting, I didn't know that. At the time I just looked into the ones the ones stocked by my local running shop.

  • Thanks for that Mr Ramblings, my husband and I were just discussing him getting a new pair but we weren't sure when he should start alternating new with old. That makes perfect sense :)

  • Whichever ones you want, you'll get them much much cheaper on ebay...... Once you know if you are an over pronator etc, and how severe you can find the ones with the necessary support.

    A shop that doesnt show its prices is a shop that is too expensive for me to purchase from.

  • Words of warning for buying via ebay/online: Do you want genuine advice from a specialist retailer who can VISIBLY/VERBALLY assess your requirements? Especially important if you are new to running and do not know what you need. Remember; technical advise is well worth receiving, and you will be surprised how interested your contact will be in your progression. NB; Your local specialist running/sports shop (not Sports Direct/JJB) will want repeat business from you therefore, the full value for money package is; genuine help and advice, gait analysis etc, along with the appropriate kit for your chosen activity. Think about it: £50-100+ depending on the shoe, is well spent knowing that you will be in good hands should you have problems or require further information.

  • Some of the worst customer service i have ever received has been from high street stores.

    An asics gel 1170 size 10 will be identical, whether it is purchased in a store that takes a 25% margin or one that takes an 8% margin. It is the same shoe made in the same factory to the same specification, shipped to the same central distribution point in the same container.

  • Treated myself to a new pair after graduation with gait analysis and arch assessment done.

    Got really good pair of Asics ( my favourite brand) for £96, and I am so pleased with them. Always buy one or a half size bigger than your shoe size.

  • totally agree. bigger than normal or you could lose toenails!!

  • Mine are Brooks and were £94 from Runners Need - they have been great and I'm even tempted to get another pair in a different colour! (such a girl....). They are a bit cheaper online so now I know what I need I will probably buy the next pair that way. Great service from Runners Need anyway!

  • Oh and my Shock Absorber hold-it-all-in bra was £30 from Bravissimo. Again, highly recommend them for great fitting and service.

  • Yes thats where Im going! Cant really go anywhere else!

  • My Asics are apparently supposed to be £104 RRP, but got them for £75....more than I wanted to spend, but having trouble with Plantar Fasciitis, so I need to extra support and cushioning and unfortunately couldn't find anything cheaper....

  • Thanks everyone. I looked online last night and I see Up and Running are doing web exclusive prices with 15% Im going to see if they will match that in the shop and if not, will order online. I m not going to run again until i have my shoes! Balking a bit at spending £100 ish on trainers as that was det aside for clothes - but as Im not happy with myself right now, the trainers are the wiser investment. Clothes can wait till Ive lost a few inches :D

  • I did the gait analysis thing last week at my local running shop and got a pair of Saucony trainers (£80) and they're brilliant. Such a difference from my old reeboks definitely worth investing if you can afford it. :)

  • OK cool that answers my next post!!! Thank you!

  • I went to Moti in Cardiff on Saturday and got mine done. Apparently I only slightly overpronate and was sold a pair of Nike zoom structure+ 15's but these were the ones that straightened up my legs the best so I didn't mind paying the £89 they cost me (especially as in Moti they give you a free Nikefit tshirt as well, which cost £22) although having a look online I could have got them at sports direct for £62 or something, I'm not too fussed because the service and advice was fantastic. Got to go and try them out later today!

  • When I bought my first pair of proper running shoes I got talked into buying some proper socks as well (X Socks) at the same time for about £10.

    They have been really good. I thought it was a gimmick first of all but it's not. I still have those X, worn them 100s of times and they have also been washed nearly as many times, honest!!!!!

  • running socks? what s different about them? intrigued cos just read a post about blisters!

  • I had my gait analysised today in readiness for starting the programme and i bought a pair of Adidas response stability trainers for £50, reduced from £75.

    They are so comfy, a million times more so than the old pair i had been knocking about in.

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