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W6R2 too slow??

A chilly Sunday run, and I was determined to get my runkeeper app working properly. I met a startled muntjac on my way round, and several mean looking crows who barely moved out of the way as I jogged past them. But I was really put off by the American lady on runkeeper who kept informing me at 5 minute intervals that I was going FAR slower than I seem to go on the treadmill. I felt quite discouraged. My average speed seems to be about 6.2 on walking and about 9 on running when I'm outside, whereas I do 7.3 walking and 11.3 running on the treadmill. There is one stile and 3 gates and a few road crossings, but I dont think this slows me down that much. I have rfL in a few weeks and now I'm really worried that I will be too slow--I was hoping to do the 5K in just under 30min, but I need to be averaging 10 for that, over the whole distance and it seems really unlikely just now.

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Running outside is a lot more challenging than running on the treadmill so don't feel discouraged. Having said that - your speed sounds pretty good to me and if you keep with the program, I think you'll be on track to meet your target. I haven't run a race myself yet, but I've read several reports that suggest that when you do you'll find that bit extra motivation to up your speed and nail it . A lot happens in a few weeks on the C25K program ! :-)


The other option is to switch off the 'helpful' comments,I've done that. It also means I don't have her yelling about my WORKOUT SUMMARY as I'm fumbling with my keys tying to open the front door cus at that point I'm (stupidly I know) always wondering what the neighbours are thinking hearing that!


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