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Low back pain

Now that I have graduated & running around 12k per week I have started to get low back stiffness towards the end of my runs. This is usually after about 25 minutes & even if I try to relax my shoulders etc I can't seem to loosen this area. Not aware of my gait changing as I get tired & also seems to be getting worse despite getting fitter. Interestingly don't have back ache rest of the time just the last 10mins of my runs

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Sorry that I can't help at all .... Just wanted to comment as am experiencing exactly the same thing. I am two weeks after graduation and have just this week cracked the 5k.. 36 mins. Have ran it three times this week .. And also have lower back stiffness.. Can feel it towards end of the run - but the next day it feels stiff.. I go to get up at work and have to slowly uncurl !?

So any comments would be useful!!


Not at graduate stage but I have found piriformis stretches help with lower back pain. Think there are some on you tube.


maybe your gait hasn't changed but do you need to replace your trainers? perhaps if they are worn the support may also be worn and this might cause back pain.. Just a guess :S



I too had quite bad lower back pain - asked my friend who is a physio. He suggested running on grass or a treadmill (I had been running on footpaths/road) - this helped.

I also baught a new pair of trainers, which i got from a running shop where they look at you run an a treadmill and suggest the best ones - this also helped.

I was getting the pain to the right of my lower back in particular, so did the piriformis stretches (as mentioned above) - also helped. Plus I go to Yoga and was finding that my back was much better afterwards, so am doing some yoga exercise specific for running and lower back. All in all doing all this has meant that the problem is more or less sorted. I am back at running on the road (I dont have a treadmill, or easy access to a gym and running on grass was round and round a local playing field - v boring). Did alot of gardening on Sunday thou, and felt the consequences.

I try to do Yoga stretches on the days between running and it seems to prevent the problem.

I hope you find some of this useful, I was worried that I had just got into running only for it to lead to other problems, but this worked for me I hope you find something that works for you,


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