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Week 7 complete - but can't use MapMyRun properly?

I completed W7R3 today and used MapMyRun for the first time. Combining it with the Couch to 5k podcast on my iphone was tough enough, but I had to start the MapMyRun route before I'd even started walking, which made my speed look awful! If this all makes sense, how can I get it to track my run without stopping and messing about with my phone??

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The podcast keeps playing in the background so you can start your tracking programme as you start the running section. That's all I do.

Alternatively, Endomondo has a feature that lets you set up a run in advance so you can programme in a 5 minute interval, 25 minute interval, 5 minute interval. Then you can just run it and play your own music with it. I am not sure if MapMyRun has the same thing.



I use Micoach which I presume works the same way. I use b210k now but used it with the c25k podcasts. I start the micoach, pick my playlist (podcast for you) press start and then pause the micoach until I'm ready to run. The podcast continues to play (as Duncan said) in the background. I can then press resume and off I go. Hope that helped ;)



I couldnt get on with mapmyrun, and found mapometer which I found much easier to use, though I either map the distance before or afer the run. It is really easy to use and a bit addictive (started to look at aspirational runs in holiday destinations LOL)


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