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The start of week 9 tomorrow then Graduation by end of the week (fingers crossed)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and starting week 9. As this is my second time of doing this programme I decided to plan ahead and took a look at my local ParkRun event this morning. Oh Boy is it grim, I walked it with the bitter cold wind coming in off the cold North Sea, its very exposed. Its also a long straight run north then about turn and 2.1/2 Km run south, the wind even on a sunny day like today is cold enough to freeze polar bears let alone us humans. I think I'll give it a try on my own once I've graduated but I can't say I'm looking forward to it. I don't think I'll ever complain about small ups and water lying on the gravel tracks ever again, I've been spolit in the past I think.

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Cripes, that sounds appealing (not)! On the other hand it might be better once you're running and nice and warm (I've discovered that running in the rain - for example - is fine, but walking in it really sucks!!). It should also make a big difference doing it in a crowd, so you might want to rethink doing it on your own.... The other thought is that there might be another, less 'rugged' parkrun within striking distance of you? Good luck, whatever you decide - and happy graduation when it comes!


I ran the Aberdeen parkrun this morning! Where you there watching the actual run or did you walk it before we all turned up? I have to admit when we got out of the car it was a cold wind but once we got going it was actually quiet pleasant. I got really hot and the breeze was refreshing, more so when it was on my back though than right in my face! It would be dire if it was raining or worse snowing. I agree that the course is very dull, just back and forth back and forth in a long straight line!

I ended up running the whole thing on my own as nobody else was going at my pace so can't say I got talking to anyone but it was a friendly atmosphere at the start and finish. Word of advice for when you do go, get your barcode laminated, mine totally disintegrated in my pocket (yum sweaty) and it wouldn't scan. Still got my time recorded ok, managed to improve my time by nearly 4mins! The flat course does have some advantages :)

I wouldn't let the cold this morning put you off, it really isn't as bad once you get going. It's supposed to start getting warmer next week too so no excuses ;)


my local parkrun goes round in a circle and the finish line is at the end of a 1/4 mile incline! I swear they did it that way so they can laugh at the super slow ones at the back (namely me) :)

I don't take any notice of where I'm running when I'm doing it though, I'm usually too busy trying to breath! Parkrun did push me to up my pace by a minute a mile, I don't run that pace any other than time than during a parkrun so it's a good push for me.

maybe you could try it but not do it every week, you could do it fortnightly perhaps just to see your time improve.


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