Couch to 5K

Week 6 run 3

Just completed week 6, run 3 and i put the grrrrr in grit!!! When Laura told me i was 5 mins in and should be nice and steady, i was like err no! My breathing was all panicky and i couldn't seem to get into a rhythm. Then at halfway i had the mother of all stitches. When Laura eventually said i could slow down my legs practically buckled under me.

Every minute of this run i had to will myself to carry on, but immediately after i felt totally brilliant. On the one hand it was my worst run because it felt so tough, but on the other hand it was my best run because i felt so damn good after. Feel like i've had some kind of running epiphany - dig deep when it's tough because oh blimey the reward will be good :)

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Well done you!


Totally agree. I have just got back from the same run. First half all good.......second half not so.........last 60 seconds......... arrrgh!

But we completed it and like you say, such a buz.

Bring on week 7 :-S


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