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5K done again - in the great outdoors this time :)

Very pleased that I managed to repeat last weeks run of 5K but outside this time, in the park. And I managed to run up the hill which was my nemesis, this hill is run up 1.5 times on my local parkrun course, which I am much more confident about doing now. I was planning to walk up this hill, but when it came to it I felt confident and I nailed it without any walking :)

Still done at a snail's pace of course, but I felt good and was able to speak nicely to my OH rather than growl when he spoke to me as I've done on previous outdoor runs ;)

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Good job on the hill :)


Great stuff minuette.

5k outside, with a hill and nice to OH.

3 boxes ticked! :)


That's great minuette! :)


Really well done conquering the hill. Hope your parkrun goes well and look forward to hearing about it.


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