Couch to 5K

Into week 9

Ran for thirty minutes last night. It might well be the only time in my entire life I have ever done this as I don't remember even cross-country at school involving half an hour of continuous running.

Took the run much easier yesterday as my ankles and lower calves were feeling the effects of pushing hard on the last run of week eight. I did cover 5k but it took 28m 50s to get there. Felt much better and I am pleased I didn't try too hard and risk injury at this late stage.

Swapped my worn out trainers for a new pair of Nike Air Pegasus which felt much better. Didn't get gait analysis but I did look at the wear on my old trainers and tried to gauge my footprint before I decided what type of trainer to buy. They felt very different to my old New Balance but in a good way as far as I can tell - less shock on the shins with each stride.

So on Saturday I'm going to try and make a parkrun. My nearest is St Albans.

Good luck to everyone running today.


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I am amazed every time you report your times, 28m 50s 5k is great especially for a beginner! And you were taking it easy lol. I don't know if I'd ever be that fast I'm so jealous.

Congratulations only 2 more until graduation. I'm braving my local parkrun this weekend too, lots of luck :)


Its fantastic that you covered 5K in under 30 minutes! Taking it easy too! good luck in the parkrun Duncan, you too Rose! and anyone else who is partaking,( I havent quite got the confidence yet!)

Seriously though Duncan, you are doing great! let us know how you got on!


Flip, I've been running for 9 months and if I try really hard can make about 28 and a half mins for 5k but that pretty much wipes me out if I'm doing anything longer and can't repeat it to make 57 mins for the 10k. Usually I can bring it in under the hour but that is a hard session for me...comes of having short fat dumpy legs!!



I reckon your new trainers have in-built rockets hidden in them ;)


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