Well, what a horrible few weeks!

I haven't been on here for a while, because disaster struck on my first run after graduating. I had felt I was coming down with a cold, but was determined to finish the programme so pushed myself to complete it. On the last run, my head ached and my throat was very sore, my limbs ached a bit too. I left it a couple of days, then went back to the gym, after downloading some running music as the podcast music is not really enjoyable to me. I started to run and 10 mins in felt a "ping" in my ankle which began to ache very quickly. I slowed down and then had to stop. There then followed a swelling and pain which I treated with the RICE approach and tried not to panic. After a couple of weeks, the ankle was still swollen but felt less painful. I began to think about getting going again and then my cold came back with a vengeance and I lost my voice entirely (yes, my husband did enjoy it for a bit!). Unfortunately, I was also coughing and being very ill, which meant I couldn't eat. As I am an Insulin dependent diabetic, it didn't take long to get into a big mess and a trip to a and e was on the cards. i was so ill, I didn't think about my ankle at all! My cold is just starting to go, my voice still isnt back, but my ankle feels fine! I'm not looking for sympathy (!) just some advice how to get back on it and when to start again! I am determined to get going again, just not sure how long I should try to run for, once my throat has cleared up a bit. I thought "Who can I ask?", then I remembered my friends on here!!!!!


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17 Replies

  • Oh you have been through it, hope you stay well. Not sure what to suggest, other than trying walking/jogging gently and see how you go and how long for you can do it?

  • Hi Deryn61, think thats a great idea, you don't know how you feel until you give it a go! I know I can do it, I didn't think I would ever graduate when I first started, but know now that the only one stopping me is me, once my body is back in (fairly) working order, and I can breathe properly again, I'm going to get going again, its great to see what everyone else has been up to, its just a matter of moving my goals back a bit I think!

  • Hi Jennyn,

    You have had a very bad time of it by the sound of it...

    How long is it since you last had a "proper" run then? How much fitness you have lost is really down that. Try going back to a week that had ten minute runs, or even further back if you feel you need it. You certainly shouldn't over do it. The only person who can truly answer how long or fast you can go is you, and you need to get out there to try it out...take it back a few weeks, try it out, and if all ok, nip to the next level...and carry on from there!


  • Hi CaroleC, the last proper run was my graduation one at the beginning of May, think I will try the 10 min run to see how it goes, like you say I can take it from there then. It's horrible when you get so far and then have to go back, but at least I know I can do it! nice to get back on here and see what everyone else has been up to!

  • Jennyn, you have only lost two weeks so it's definitely not so bad as you think. Yes, try the ten minute, if that feels ok, up it a bit, but please don't rush in too fast, you've been poorly. Let your body catch up and then when it starts to get easier, up the training a bit.

    I've been off running for eleven days with a knee thing since my half marathon and I am climbing the walls with not being able to get out there, but I just daren't till I'm happy that the knee won't be made worse by going back too soon. Knee strengthening exercises via the gym and at home are the order of the day right now; I am absolutely determined to get out on the road asap but being sensible with it.

    Good luck with your trial runs!


  • My word, what a shocking time you've been having!! Hopefully you are now on the mend and ready to take on the world again (in tiny bite sized pieces of course) ;)

    If I were you I would just begin with the walking/jogging like Deryn said, just to work out where exactly your body is. You've completed the programme so you know what you are capable of in full health, you simply need to do a few fun runs to get back on track.

    Best of luck to you :)

  • thanks for this, I will give it a try, thought I would never get out again! can't believe I'm missing the running, but I am! perhaps its affected my brain as well!

  • Of course it has affected your brain! :)

    Just an idea but I am a strong believer that all the bodies problems begin in the brain. It controls the body like a conductor of an orchestra.

    You have learned that you can do great things ... maybe now you are being shown that you have to learn to listen to your body and to keep each part serviced in order that it works well together.

    Its all about balance and taking it gently and not pushing too hard.

    I think that "being kind to oneself" is one of the hardest things to do and our bodies try to remind us about this all the time! :)

    I really do wish you well and hope that you get back on track with an even stronger body and thus mind. :) Take care :)

  • Oh no what a dreadful time you've had :(

    Like the others have said, take the lead from your body. I'd go right back to the week 1 podcast, see how it feels and then take it from there.

    Glad to see you back :)

  • oh Minuette, I can't bear the thought of going back that far! but will hit the treadmill in a few days and see if I can do the 10 min one, then will have to reset my goals - well move them about a bit - doing the raceforlife june 17th so hoping I will be able to run that, thats my goal now!

  • Yes I just meant as a kind of indicator as to how you were feeling, to break you in gently, not to do them again from the beginning :)

  • thanks Minuette, thats a good idea too. I just went to the docs and am due back to work Weds, I am a midwife so breathing germs on our lovely babies is a definite no no! going to get back on the treadmill sunday i think, see how it goes, might do week 1 and just run for 8 to 10 mins (if I can) instead of walking, but have decided not to add to the pressure, not worried about how long I run for, just running would be good!

  • I think the ten minute runs would be a good place to start - you can either increase them or ease off a bit depending on how you feel. Do wait until you are fully recovered though. Good luck, keep us posted :-)

  • So glad you are on the mend! The treadmill sounds like a good idea. Your body will soon tell you what is right. Good luck!

  • Hi jennyn, I completed C25K in early Dec last year, then suffered from sciatica for 5 weeks, I was crippled with it. It took me over 3 months to get any sort of fitness back. So when I started running again I did go back to week 1 and have worked my way through just missing the odd run here and there with some weeks. I don't think you need to do anything so drastic but listen to your body, I agree try a walk, run mix, short times and build up the run times gradually. If your ankle causes pain go back to walking. You may need to put a support bandage for a while. Good luck.

  • Hi jennyn, glad your getting better, best of luck. :)

  • Thanks, seems like a long time, but people who are really ill stay incredibly positive, so its not too bad in the grand scheme of things!

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