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I only have five runs left!

Totally amazing to think that I am have started week 8. Isn't it remarkable that you can get fit enough to run for half an hour in such a short space of time? I wasn't a couch potato when I started but I certainly wasn't able to run for much more than a minute. Now I'm not even that puffed out after 28 minutes.

Anyway, week 8 run 1. Successfully completed last night without any crisis of confidence. I live at the top of a hill so whatever route I take I always have to end with a climb which is a bit of a shame because I'm doing great 'til that point then I am reduced to a complete heap by the top! I've never given up, though.

Run 2 first thing tomorrow morning, then 3 on Monday. So with a bit of luck I should finish the programme a week on Sunday. Can't believe it!

Cheers all,


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Well done Duncan! I'm just about to head out now to do this one, wimped out this morning! I agree, it is remarkable to come this far in such a short space of time.... I just wish I'd started sooner!


Me too! well I did week 8 run 2 this morning despite suffering from some shin pain the last few runs, but I am so happy that I am running 28mins without stopping! its a great feeling isnt it? :-)


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