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Shin splints or not Shin splints? HELP!

So about two days ago i was just walking round town when the front of my shin started to hurt, not a sharp stabbing pain more of a throbbing ache. So yesterday i decided to take a day off from exercise and i still have it today. It feels a bit like when you've banged your leg and your getting a bruise, and no i have not banged my leg. I'm supposed to do my last run of week 4 today and i'm worried if i'll stop my fitness level will decline really quickly and all my hard work will be erased! anybody got any advice?

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It is so frustrating to have to hold off to let your body heal in between runs, but the more I read and hear, the more I realise how important this is. My biggest fear is of my own weakness to get back out there, but I'm developing faith in myself to persevere... hopefully you'll be amazed how quickly your body does recover - I find that a day or two rest is enough and then the next run sort of 'loosens up' any remaining aches and pains; don't know how scientific that is. Hang in there :)


haha thanks i was thinking of maybe going the gym but doing some elliptical, bike, swimming then pilates when i get home. Do you think this would be ok? then i'm not pounding away at my legs making it worse


I have heard it said that working on other parts of the body can be find and work as a distraction... I find nothing quite matches a run though and I still get the 'caged tiger' feeling, but maybe I'm just an addict or plain weirdo, lol! Hope you have better success


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