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W3 D1 after 2 weeks off

*hangs head in shame*..... I took 2 weeks off.... I didn't mean to - first came the rain, then came the weekend away and with that came the can;t be bothered to get out of bed..... The rude awakening was when I looked at my calendar and realised how little time I have left before the Race for Life and that motivated me to get golng.

After 2 weeks off I wasn't sure whether I should go back to Week 2 for one run or start Week 3 - I decided to start Week 3 and if I felt I couldn't do it - skip back to Week 2.

Well what can I say. I actually felt EASIER doing Week 3. How can that be - I was fine with the 3 minute runs. I daresay I wasn't going very fast but I couldn't believe how I could run for 3 minutes when a few weeks ago I was gasping after 60 seconds.

Lets see how W3 D2 goes - this could be a fluke....

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Well done!! Doesn't sound like a fluke to me! Keep going!


Well done for getting back into it!


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