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Couch to 5K
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Ok so here I am, nick. Hi everybody...

I am 26stone, and although gym is not a stranger in my life I never seem to be able to do enough to make me sexy ;-) damn it.

So my partner who is also on the forum... Decided we are going to run after seeing this site, and reading all the inspirational stories... Amazing so they are.

So ok we started a couple weeks back now, and I have been reluctant to join and commit cause well I struggle with outdoor exercise due to being so big and asthmatic... I can go to gym ride a bike for miles, lift weights and get a sweat on... But this running ooo its a black art and for skinny people! Or so I thought..

So this training plan is really good, I did have to do week 1 for 5 training sessions... But today I stepped up to w2r1 and completed it... Ok slowly, but I covered 3.4k, using my nike+ to track me... Another incentive.. Love my stats!

Boy it was tough today on my legs and breathing! And even had a strange pain in my foot... But it passed... My partner is a week ahead of me, I thought it would bother me seeing her fly ahead but just makes mw so proud.. So glad she is doing so well! And cause we run on a track in a field we are never to far away and can always see each other...

Anyone else as big as me and trying this? I am starting to worry bout future weeks cause my asthma and size... :-/ anyway there we go... I am proud of my self.. Just hope i can keep it goin!

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Go go go Nick! You ARE capable of doing this, as you have already proved to yourself. It is not going to be easy (nothing worthwhile in life ever is), but you have made the hardest step by getting out there and getting going on this plan. Just take it at your own pace - what ever you do is 100% better than sitting on the couch. Have faith in the plan and you will get there. Rise to the challenge!

PS - Who said you're not sexy?!

(I'm allowed to say that - I'm his other half ;) )


good luck to the both of you, you can do it. As a doctor I commend you for taking action and going about things the right way, slowly but consistently. You will hopefully find that as it is done gradually and your cardiovascular fitness increases and weight decreases your asthma will remain in control, ( seek advice from your own GP or asthma trained practice nurse if it isn't) but asthma is not a reason not to exercise as many an olympian will tell you.


Hi Nick,

NATG is right, you are capable of doing this, she must be really proud of you, the hardest part is getting out of the chair and making your way out of the door to do the first run.

Its great that you have each other to support and encourage you both on your way through the program, graduation is only a few weeks away. Best of luck to you both, don't forget to blog and let everyone know how you are getting on


You are so capable, just take it at your own pace. I'm somewhere in between and when I started, I was shuffling along like a little old lady. Two months ago I was a true coach potato, ate crap, did nothing but "relax" and today I just finished my first 28 minute run. I still can't believe it. This program is amazing. As for the asthma, I too am asthmatic and found (per my doctor's advice) that if I use my rescue inhaler 20-30 minutes before I head out, I can actually breathe pretty well and have no need to puff while running. Give that a try if you haven't already and remember to just keep going forward! You're amazing and an inspiration to everyone! :)


Go Nick!! Good on you. I reckon the most important thing is that we are out there, and we are determined, and WE WILL DO THIS!!! not matter how slowly we have to go. Good on you both!!


You're doing great Nick. Keep chasing Nat around that track ;-)




Well done for getting out there and getting to week 2 - you are doing fantastically!


Good for you! I think making the commitment to start is one of the hardest things, and you've done that, so good on you. Just think how good it will feel when you can run for 30 minutes! (I've just finished week seven and the sense of achievement I get after a run is amazing).


Hi Nick being a big girl I know what you mean and all I can say is I'm going out on W5R3 tomorrow and when I started I couldn't catch my breath after 90seconds............the most important piece of advice I can give you is PACE yourself don't go too fast, all the best


Well done just for giving it a go the best slogan I saw that cheers me is

"Doesnt matter how slow you go you are lapping everyone who is still on the couch"


Well done for getting started.

I'm overweight and in my mid fifties so wasn't sure if this was for me.

My inspiration came from on here and a legends football match.

Some of my old heros were overweight but still managed to run around

and play well.

My advice is to get your gait analysed and buy the right trainers.

Good luck to you and Natg


Thanks for all your amazing comments... Looking forward to the next outting!


Very much appreciated...


That's ace - I started with a BMI of 38 - so quite possibly in the same ball park as you - fantastic to hera how you are getiing on!


Yay for you guys! Keep going!


Nick, started heavier than 23 stone myself, not sure exactly as we didnt have scales when I started. Last week I weighed in at 21st 12lbs this is after a month of eating properly and exercising.

I also have asthma and a fair few breathing issues too :)

I completed week 2 run 3 today and i can feel the difference each time I run. My first run of week 2 was hell, my second was tough, today was still a push but nowhere near the push of the first one.

Keep going, its your achievement and I feel so much better just dropping that weight. I plan to keep going and this forum is amazing for the support and inspiration it provides.


Wow that's awesome zagel :-D a real inspiration... We have cut back loads on food, but still got some way to go.... :-D thanks everyone.


Hi Nick

We have a mutual friend in your beautiful fiancee! I am also large and asthmatic, but determined to get to the 5k stage at some point, even if it takes me a bit longer than the plan says. Sounds as though you're both doing brilliantly! Off to find your lovely girl on here now.



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