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Sinus Issues!

Just came in from running 25 minutes on Week 7! Wow can't believe I've got this far. I found on my run my breathing was steady, my legs didn't ache however my sinuses were blocked. This gave me a huge headache and took the fun out of my run :( Today I decided to take my anit-histamines and nasal spray before hand. The headache lessened but I still had blocked sinuses that make breathing properly harder. Does anyone else suffer from this?

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I had painful blocked sinuses for most of the program - I made sure I always had Airwaves chewing gum when running - it keeps your head a lot clearer but you will probably need to take some tissues with you as well ! If you suffer with hayfever there is a new product, some sort of balm, I've noticed in Asda that blocks the pollen from your nose. I can't remember the name but it might be a good alternative to having to use nasal sprays, which should only really be for short-term use. 4head helps with the headache.

Well done, by the way !


I've had to cancel todays run due to a nasty cold which is really annoying because apart from that I'm feeling ok. On my last run I started to feel snotty and it really intefered with my breathing so am interested in how others cope with this too......should I wait for the cold to clear up or just crack on and cope as best I can??


Hi mamaG. I usually give it a break for a few days if I have a cold. What your body needs most is rest and water to recover properly. Then when I feel a bit better I start with an easy run to get back into it. I find my breathing goes haywire if I have a cold and I don't cope running :-(


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