Starting again I think

Went on holiday to Canada with good intentions of keeping up with the programme. Week 3 didnt work as I was running outside for the first time so dropped back to week 1 but my knees were really sore. Inevitably I stopped but we were walking every day sometimes quite big distances.

What I did carry on though was reading on this group and I have decided to work on my treadmill untill my knees are stronger.

Tomorrow I will try week one and depending on the result will decide what I will do on Wednesday.

I am 60 14 weeks tomorrow and would love to feel I can run by then even if I havent graduated. I would be extatic if I could run for over 10 minutes and then not just collapse. The first ever time I tried before finding this programme I ran for 15 seconds and thought my chest was about to burst but then I thought I had to run fast to make it count.

Thank you to you all as you are all so inspirational.

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  • What a wonderful goal. Good on you. I understand that running on a treadmill and outside is very different so may be not surprising that you found it tough. Please keep blogging so we know how you are getting on!

  • Just completed day1 week 1 I mistakenly thought it would be easy as I had done it twice before but after a 2 week break it was quite hard.

    Didnt jog very fast but took me 4 runs to feel I had the speed right did complete all of the 8 runs but didnt quite feel recovered in the 90 second walk.

    I found the 2 minute walk that you have in week 2 better for me even though the run is 90 seconds.

    Oh well I will be doing week 1 run 2 on Thursday lets see if I feel better then.

    I did have a little backache after each run segment as I was slowing down not had this before.

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