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One more week until graduation!!

Just completed my 3rd run for week 8 and decided that I was still feeling ok after 28 minutes so I ran for 30 minutes.

Just 3 more 30 minute runs until graduation.

Ran with my daughters again today, one of them ran for 32 minutes and the other for 44 minutes (she ran 4 miles!!!). We all started out together, but they 'have their youth' and are annoyingly slim, unlike their rather chubby mum ;-), so have managed to push themselves further.

I'm so proud of them, and indeed myself, and it's been great to do this together.


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Well done, i was wondering if I needed to do 2 or 3 to graduate as I ran the W9 podcast by mistake today but you have now shamed me into running 3. We will graduate at approx same time, do you run 3 times a week?


Haha, sorry I have shamed you into it!

Yes, I run 3 times a week (all being well) so we should graduate around the same time. :-)

How are you finding it? I can't actually believe that I am able to run for 30 minutes without stopping! I have never in my life been able (or had the inclination) to run and now I'm so pleased that I can do it.

Well done to you for getting this far! :-)


Some days ( most but not all) I really have to push myself mentally to keep running, though it's only usually the last minute or so I really struggle. I am consciously trying to keep slightly increasing my pace and yesterday's run has proved that I should manage the 30 min 5k. If I haven't done it by the last run I will have to make sure that run is mainly downhill ( lol).

I am enjoying the achievement (nearly 48) and figure I just want to be fit and toned. Can't do much else about the ageing process but this is definitely in my hands.

At present I am thinking I would like to increase how long i am going to run when I finish this, not sure how to do it. B210 looks ok as I think the intervals will allow me to pick my speed up but I'm not sure that I want to run for an hour 3 times a week, guess I should though as i have friends that spend longer than that in the gym.

Look forward to graduating with you, possibly Sunday but I am in the city for the last football game of the season and I may have a wine or 2 unless I get up early


I know what you mean about having to push yourself mentally, I'm the same. For some reason it seems to be around the first 15 minutes I struggle and I have to keep telling myself that I will feel better in a bit! Yesterday, after about 10 minutes, I was thinking to myself, 'When am I actually going to enjoy running?' Don't get me wrong, I feel great once the run is over, but I don't enjoy the actuall running itself. Maybe the more I do, the more I will!

Your speed it fantastic by the way! I only managed 3.6km in the 30 minutes so I think to do 5k would take me around 40 minutes to complete. My pace is increasing though so hopefully one day I'll be able to run 5k in 30 minutes. At the moment I'm just amazed that I can even run, lol!

Enjoy your runs this week :-)


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