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Failed at Fartlek

I've just got back from my run this morning where I tried to do the fartlek approach using the week 1 podcast for my intervals but I have to confess that I totally failed.

I'm a really slow runner - it's the only way I know to keep going for 30+ minutes - so trying to run just a little bit faster right from the start was just a disaster. I was instantly out of breath and struggling to "jog" the 90 seconds and even had to walk at times.

In the end I just gave up on trying to run faster and plodded on at my usual slow pace but I was still puffed out and listening to Laura saying things like "slow down to a walk" and "stop running now" (or however she says it) really affected my incentive to keep going! And when she said to stop running at the end I just stopped even though I had only run for 20 minutes and covered 1.67 miles.

I just didn't have the energy to keep going which is frustrating as I have been managing to run for 5k or more for the last 3 runs. :-(

And it was such a beautiful sunny day (at last) and I really wanted to have a good run! It was also the first time that I had gone out on my own. Usually I have my daughter or husband with me to keep me motivated.

Frustrating! Hopefully the weather will be good enough for me to go for another run tomorrow - this time I will go back to my usual slow and steady plod - I'm just not ready to try going faster yet.

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Do you know what, I also couldn't do intervals when I first graduated. It's only a year on that I can do the sprinting required. I'd just leave it for the next few months keep going with the 5k+ at the pace you enjoy. When the new podcasts come out you could do them to improve your pace.


Thank you - I think you are right, I should just continue trying to run my 5k and hopefully increase my speed gradually (although I know I ran slower than usual today!). It is still such an achievement to be running for that long and that far that I probably shouldn't be trying to push myself further - even if my big sister (NOT a runner!) was telling me that if I didn't try to run faster then I wasn't really challenging myself! (I think she should try to run 5k!!!) ;-)


Dont beat yourself up, we are still comparative newbies and it will come.

Are you sure you should go out running again tomorrow? Most advice is to run every other day with some other activity in between and one complete rest day to ensure muscles repair and we dont get injured? (maybe at 50 I know I need to take this bit of advice very much seriously lol! .

Why not do something different (cross train) to make sure your legs are fresh when you go out the next day? Just a thought


Thank you - we are only new at this aren't we?! I thought about leaving it a day before going out running again but I wasn't sure I could get out tomorrow and I know I can't go on Wednesday so when the opportunity arose for me to go out with my husband this morning I took it. I managed to do 5k but it wasn't easy. I'm not used to running in the morning so I don't know if that's why it was tough or if it was because I'd run yesterday too. I'm finding it's more a struggle to find the stamina to keep going rather than having a problem with my legs. :-)


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