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W6R2 done

Well that was a tough one for me. Got overtaken by two Lamborghini's (proper runners) felt quite demoralised but then I told myself that they were most definitley at least 40 years younger than me.! Enjoyed the second part of the run but became very tired durng the last 5 minutes, so what did I do? I sprinted for the last minute! It took me back to my days at school when I used to run in the school sports, quite emotional really that after all these years (nearly half a century) later I could still find the energy to sprint even if it was for a minute!

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Well done on getting through the tough run and very impressed by your final sprint! I wasn't brave enough to try that until my last run in week 9 even though Laura kept gently suggesting it.

Have to ask though- if "proper runners" are Lamborghinis what do you count yourself as?!?! Now you've planted the thought I reckon I started as a Reliant Robin-pottering along but easily blown over by a bit of wind. Now I reckon I'm a Volvo- sturdy & not graceful in action but can last the distance without threat to any land speed record.... :)


What a fantastic comment! I am still laughing. I reckon I am a two wheeled Robin reliant!!! or a bubble car (if you can remember those) . Perhaps I need to think of my self as Herbie - bits fell of him but he kept going until the end of the race. lol


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