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Week One just completed

I am so surprised that only three runs in I found it easier, I started on Tuesday not being able to complete even 60 seconds on some of the runs, to being able to comfortably run them. I am also surprised as last night I had a few glasses of red wine and a late night in a Smokey atmosphere and am feeling quite lathargic in myself.

Best download week 2 then. :)

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Welcome to the slippery slope!

It always amazed me how quickly it is possible to get up and going - 9 weeks to running for 30 minutes.

Have fun with it above all else :-)


I also can't qiuite believe how quickly our body gets used to it, every week I have felt daunted but each time so far it has been doable. Today I did week 3 run 1 and was worried about keeping going but I did. I hope you enjoy week 2 and all the extra benefits it brings.


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