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Been a bit naughty recently!!!

This is my first post in about 2 weeks as I have been away for a week (still completing my three runs!) and taken a week off running. During my week off I visited my hometown and decided to run round a park I had tried in the past. I ran w8r2 and continued past the 28 minutes to achieve my first ever half hour. It felt like such an achievement as last time I tried there I couldn't even manage half a lap. This time I managed 3.5!! For my next 2 runs I used a treadmill at the hotel I was staying at. I have to say that after 2 months running outdoors, using a treadmill was just so boring! I did not enjoy my runs at all and felt like I was only doing them to tick boxes. Running out doors is definitely the way forward!

Today was my first run for a week as I had been feeling a slight twinge in my right shin last week, and I have recently been feeling quite tired and lethargic (potentially the start of the dreaded man flu!). Today I still only felt 75% fit, but thought if I didn't at least try to get back into the groove that I might lose my motivation. Never before have I seriously considered aborting a run before, but after 10 minutes I was in bad shape and struggling to breathe as my nose was blocked. Pride made me soldier on, albeit around 30-40 seconds per km slower than my usual pace. Eventually the pain subsided and I was able to complete my full 30 minutes, but covering 400m less than in previous weeks. That said, this is probably my proudest achievement yet in the program. Every bone in my body said give up but my mind said no. My next run is planned for Tuesday to give me more recovery time as it is my graduation. Hopefully I will be feeling a little better so I can really push myself towards that 5k!

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That's fantastic, I find the mental challenges the toughest. Well done for keeping going!


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