Couch to 5K

Week 4 Run 1, Phew!

I am now doing more jogging than walking, :)

Sixteen whole minutes!!

I`ve still to sort out my trainers ; new ones were causing knee problems so I`ve gone back to my oldies. Now knee is fine but heels and shins a bit sore.

I`m hoping to nip in to Glasgow on Monday and get kitted out properly.

The weather has been brilliant, just perfect for running and I am growing very fond of my wee route; gently undulating leafy track with nice views (when I can lift my head).

I miss week three music though :)

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Well done!

I hope you manage to find some trainers which suit your knees and your shins and heels.


That is brilliant, well done!


Ta Katsmeat, I did the wet feet and paper trick and bought for over pronation.

Now I think neutrals would be better, my old trainers have next to no cushioning. Ouch!

I'm assuming if my pains go away after a days rest then there's no real problem.

Thanks Deryn61 too.


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