Couch to 5K

I feel good!

Week seven, run one. Done and dusted. Go me.

I am delighted with the way my running has come on. I did the 25 minutes with no real problems, although there are two rotten uphill sections (one of them at about minute 20 and a good half a kilometre long) which played havoc with my legs and lungs. And when it was "60 seconds to go, why not try a bit harder?" - I did.

Even better, I had nearly competed 5k in the 25 minutes. I left my tracker running for the cool down and I got to 5k with 27m and 40-something seconds on the clock. Amazed.

This programme is amazing. I love it and I love this site for keeping me motivated and I love running :-). Never thought I'd be saying that!


2 Replies

Wow well done you, as a tortoise, it was a few weeks after graduating I got to 5k, it is a great achievement.


Your doing really good and achieving some distance so you must be running fairly fast.

I can do about 4.9km in 35 mins 1 week after graduation.


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