Couch to 5K

Week One - runs 1 & 2

I started the C25K podcasts on Monday in the hope of getting fit enough to run at least part of the Race for Life's 10k on 24th June - I know it seems ambitious but I originally signed up for it back towards the end of Feb, thinking I had enough time to train - I then had an collision with a cyclist a couple of weeks later, hurting my foot in the process.

My foot is finally on the mend and my initial thought was 'I'm never going to run 10k, so I'll give up', but then I decided to kick my train of thought into a postive one and thought that at least if I can run 5k by 24th June, I can either walk the rest or hope adrenaline kicks in!!!!

I completed Monday's first run and didn't feel too bad... until I woke up the next morning and felt like my thigh muscles had been torn out!

I went for the 2nd run last night, just as the heavens were opening (I had to nip home half way through to fetch my jacket before nuemonia kicked in!)

I finished the 2nd run podcast but found it quite hard... my chest hurt when I breathed and my legs felt heavy too... I'm just hoping that the more I exercise, the more my body will get used to it.

I read about everyone who is on week 6, 7, 8 and 9 and think 'if they can do it, so can I!'

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I'm at the same stage as you, w1r2 last night. Day after first run my thighs were so bad, hurt going down the stairs, but as soon as I get moving they loosen up. I am sure your/our body(s) will get used to it...*crosses fingers* and I agree that the posts from others ahead are motivating.

good luck with the 10K. Positive thinking all the way...and don't think too far ahead, just concentrate on the little goals and how far you have come. X


You *will* get used to it, and much faster than you can imagine. The best advice possible is to stretch properly as soon as you finish the run. Here are some stretches you should do:

Takes a couple of minutes maximum, and you can drink water and eat something while you do it so you're rehydrating, refuelling and stretching out all at the same time.

Keep at it. Reaching the later weeks gives you a fantastic feeling of achievement.



Thank you both for the positive comments.. and I hope it does get easier! :) will definitely try those stretches, thank you! :)


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