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My W2 R2 run - ouch my arches! - any advice?

After completing my first week two run on Monday, I wasn’t excited about today’s run. I found Monday’s run quite difficult and was panting and puffing away, especially after attempting Laura’s breathing suggestion, safe to say I just didn’t get it! So today I just breathed the way I automatically would and found it a lot easier and was much less out of breath and red faced.

However, today I had really bad cramp-like pains in the arches of my feet most of the way around, any ideas why or what to do about it? Also, my calf muscles felt quite tight. I made sure I stretched properly when I got back home though. Despite the aches and pains I really enjoyed today’s run and I am looking forward to the next one now, just apprehensive about the pains in my arches returning.

Gems x

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I wonder if you have enough arch support in your shoes ? I get bad cramp in my arches sometimes when I'm doing yoga and I'm barefoot but never when I'm running. I've been looking into foot arch exercises - there are some here:

The one where you lift your heels, I've been doing standing on the edge of a step so that my heel is off the edge of the step, I push my heels downwards and then push up on to tip-toe - this is good for a bit of a calf stretch as well. You can get gel inserts for shoes as well - that might be worth looking into.

My calf muscles feel tight a lot of the time, especially after longer runs - recently, I've tried wearing my Skechers Shape-ups more of the time so my calves are getting a bit more stretch while I'm at work and that seems to have helped. When they were at their worst I gave them a bit of a brutal massage, digging my fingers in and that improved things. A podiatrician friend always says do at least twice as much stretching as you think you need after a run.


Thanks for the reply. I will definitely try the foot arch exercises, and will have a look at some inserts if the pain comes back on tomorrow's run.

My calf muscles are feeling absolutely fine today, so perhaps my stretching did help, but will use your advice of doubling my stretching next time :) Shall try and convince the boyfriend that my legs are in need of a massage too lol - worth a try!

Thanks x


Are you using running shoes or general trainers? It is worth going to a proper running shop so they can check how you run. I badly roll in (overpronate) so have inserts for my shoes and they make a massive difference. Currently on Wk3 R3 myself so keep going.


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