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Week6R1 - I'm so happy, so so happy!!!! (and thank you!)

Whisper it, but I found Week5 a bit of a letdown. It wasnt easy but it wasnt that hard either. I had a real downer throughout week5 & was beating myself up about taking the 'easy' option' running on grass, on the flat etc (mind you I didnt think that weeks 1-4!!!) and telling myself that running for 20 mins was nothing in those conditions.

Listened to you all, banned negativity & set off on W6R1 today. For me it was definitely harder than week5. I just loved it - there's something about getting near your limit and pushing that bit further that makes it just fantastic. I floated home on a runner's high...

Thanks all for your support, it really helped.

Message to self - dont beat yourself up again. Enjoy!!!

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That's great news, well done. And if you enjoyed W6R1 (most of us seem to have hated it!) then I think you'll love the rest of the week and programme.



thanks Duncan. I did find doing intervals again really tough, but ironically I think thats what's given me back a sense of achievement and enthusiasm (just a masochist at heart). Good luck to you with the rest of the programme. J


Dont put yourself down for "only" running on flat etc, you are making great progress as intended which is brilliant. When you are ready then you can think about changing the terrain to mix things up a bit, it is all RUNNING!!! WOO HOO!


thank you. I'm going to stick with the flat for now. I checked out another route but it's a bit faraway for doing regularly and definitely too hilly for me just now. So, yes definitely, WOO HOO!!!


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