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1st run post wk 9

Well, last night I did my first run since completing week 9 on monday.

After running on the beach, last night on the track round the lake felt really bad, every time my foot hit the ground it felt like I got a massive shock wave up to my hip.

But. I perservered, and for the first time ever I did nearly 2 laps of the lake! The only reason I stopped shy of the 2 lap mark (about 50m), was that for the last 100m of my 5km goal I was sprinting.

Definately tough to sprint after running for 50mins, but somehow I managed it. My other half, said he was impressed and suprised that I had so much more speed in me, which is a great ego boost.

I managed to get 5km in at ;ust over 51mins, so quite happy with that. My average pace was roughly the same as its been recently, so now all I've to do is start increasing my pace now. Think I'm sicking with the 5km for the time being, though I'm still pondering on whether to sign up for the sheffield 10k run in september....

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Well done you, My first run out post week 9 was awful as out of breath and had to stop. But today I did 35 mins and reached 4.8km and I run really slowly..I am using map my run to work out distance. Keep at it you running for much longer than me.


That is good going but how strange you finding the paved run painful after running on beach, wondering about your trainers? I have done most of my running (after starting on treadmill) on paved track or gravel and been ok (hate running on the beach tho! Might be psychological!).

I would deffo sign up for a 10k in Sept, it is doable! I signed up for one (in June) as I felt I had lost a bit of impetus a few weeks after graduating in Feb.The Runners World website gives you the option to download a free Smartcoach personalised training plan you might find useful?


I think running on a track is a greater impact than on the beach but running on sand will work your muscles harder. I think the 10k in September is probably realistic if you follow a suitable training plan. If you keep having pain when running on a track, then you should probably think about different shoes or maybe gel insoles to cushion the impact.


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