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After feeling smug about myself on Saturday morning following my run with my friend (which was accomplished after a night of drinking/clubbing/and about 5 hours sleep...) I was feeling quite reassured about this whole running lark. I'd managed 25 minutes at a fairly decent pace and was feeling relaxed about the upcoming 5k race I'm signed up for. Sadly today was a real struggle. First, my ipod seems to have wiped my podcasts - not quite sure why... Secondly, I ran after work rather than in the morning and I was exhausted. Thirdly I really haven't been looking after myself and there was too much partying and not enough healthy food over the last few days. So I ran incredibly slowly and felt like every step was a challenge. I managed the 25 minutes (W7R1) but it was hard. I am really hoping that my next run gives me more of a buzz and some confidence to see this through!

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Sometimes the effects of drinking don't happen immediately but a few days on. It just seems to drag the whole body down.

You did well to get through but I'd give yourself some vitamins and a good nights sleep before the next one in order to get the buzz!!


Well done for persevering and finishing your run. I think a good rest is probably in order before the next one !


Well done for completing your run. Dehydration could well have been a problem. After a night out drink double the amount of water you would usually drink.


Thanks guys! I am quite prepared to admit, hand on heart, that I had not prepared sensibly for my run! Better to realise that this weekend than in two weeks time when I am planning to race! I'm pleased I pushed through - I know I would have resented myself if I had not - but looking forward to being able to report back in a few days with, hopefully, a more positive running experience! Now to go and have another glass of water...!


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