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W5R2...Challenging, but doable!!!

Yesterday, running that first full 8 minutes--HOLY COW!!! Wasn't sure I was gonna make it, but I did! When i thought I'd be flagging, I slowed my pace and DEFINITELY made sure to breathe in and out deeply--that truly helped me!! On the second 8 minutes, I thought Laura would never say you're halfway there!!! But I did the full, tomorrow (due to my schedule and being committed to getting my runs in), I will be running on a different run path, there will be a couple slight hills...I'm kinda anxious and excited to run this because it will be more challenging than the flat nature path I've been running on. Wish me luck, all!

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Good luck ! Try to pace yourself so you've got a bit in reserve for the hills - I find it's nice to have a change of route, much more interesting which makes it less of a mental slog.


Many thanks for that tip about pacing myself on the hills...I'm really looking forward to the route change and you're right, it will be less of a mental barrier. Onward...


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