whoop-de-whoop, 20 mins - if I can, anyone can!

Well it should have been W5R2 today, but set out with Fridays run looming over me and then couldn't find R2 on my I.Pod!!!!! ( confess I dont understand it and had to get my daughter to download it all). So a dilema..... should I repeat R1 or just go for it? I though I might as well give at try and if I had to split it with a walk then that was ok. Well I just carried on and I'm so proud...and amazed! Going to repeat on Friday to make sure it wasnt a fluke.

I know people are always writing how amazed they are to do 20 mins, well I'm one of them, 4 weeks ago I was true couch, and still class myself as unift but pleased to making such progress......as Laura says 'believe in the programme!

3 Replies

  • Well done you there is no going back now, you must feel great, and you will enjoy the next 20 min run too.

  • Amazing! Go you!

  • Well done, 20 minutes really is great!

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