Couch to 5K

Illness stopped me in my tracks!

Hi i have been watching this site for several weeks and was was doing really well running 3x per week and making real progress. Then I went away for a long weekend and had a break of a week from running. I came home and

carried on where I had left off finished week 4 and then did the first 2 runs of week 5.I was getting ready for the dreaded 20 mins when I woke with a terrible cold and am now in bed feeling awful. It have been stopped in my tracks and am worried about getting going again. I doubt I will be better this week.

Not sure how to and where to restart. I plan to do the race for life 5k at the end of July which is plenty of time but at the moment ave sunk back into to sofa Help!!

I am going to be 49 on Thursday and fear I will remain a Devon dumpling at 50 !

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Don't worry about it, you got a cold you can't help that. Take a few days out, feel better and maybe just start from wk 5 again.

A few days off really won't set you back much at all, you'll be up and at 'em before you know it and in a couple of months time a few days off will be all forgotten.

Feel better soon.


take the time to recover properly, it'll be better for you in the long run (no pun intended!!). You'll get there in the end. Hope you're feeling better soon and able to enjoy a celebratory slice of cake on Thursday :)


Fear not fellow Devon dumpling!! You just need to recover and then do week 5 again, Take it easy and listen to your body, age is no barrier, you will do this ( or I'm coming after you),:)


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