Couch to 5K

Week 1 in the Bag!

Whoop, after starting this plan with a lot of self-doubt and fear, I'm pleased to say I completed w1r3 last night!!

It almost didn't happen - we had my step daughter until late last night, and it was too dark to take my usual "hidden in the forrest" route where noone can see me, plus it was blowing a gale and lashing down. My siser suggested a local playing field which may be lit up with a big path around it, so off my other half and I went to give it a go.

I was frozen at first, but by half way through the five minute warm up I think I'd thawed out. As time went on, I think I'd forgotten about the weather, and maybe possibly was enjoying the rain!! It felt awesome to know that I was on my last outting of week one, and that I'd managed to do it and felt ok!!

I've seen a few moans and gorans about the music on here (my other half hates it!!), but during minute 5 I was singing along aloud - I couldn't help myself!!! Thank goodness it was almost dark and wet and windy and there wasn't a soul in sight - they'd think I was bonkers!!

I'm excited now to see what wk 2 has in store - now I've run in the rain there's no excuses! Thank you all for your continued support and inspirational posts :) xxx

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well done, i completed on Saturday but am now getting a bit scared about tonight


Let me know how it went!!


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