Couch to 5K

Why do I feel sick after a cool down?


I graduated from the program 3 weeks ago and have been pushing on with the time and distance I am running each week.

Last night I did same as always. Had a early dinner and then went out at 8;30pm.

Run was tough but felt amazing, did cool down and the nausea hit!

Had my usual pint of water once home, piece of fruit and cheeky bit of cake followed by two cups of tea and will felt the same.

Still felt unwell when I woke this morning but was better after breakfast.

I never take water on a run, maybe I was dehydrated?

Did have half a pint of squash just before I went out

Has anyone else has this?

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I felt something similar to this whilst doing the b210k plan & the runs became longer without any breaks. I would feel giddy/lightheaded, but not sick. I put it down to being dehydrated on account that I turn bright red & sweat buckets :) as there werent regular walk breaks for sipping water I had to learn to drink & run & that seemed to solve my problems.

hope you feeling better now. X


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